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For Students
Become confident and persuasive individuals who can articulate ideas with clarity and ease
For Debaters
Nurture your passion for intellectual discourse and improve your in-competition performance
For Schools
Create a culture of active listening, critical thinking and effective communication within your school

Our Testimonials

We had a great experience at the Summer Learning Camp. My daughter learnt many useful skills like public speaking and persuasive arguments in a fun way. These skills are so important in everyday life. She had her own reservations to speak in public, but now she is more open and willing to go onstage more easily. The working sheets were also quite detail-oriented. I hope they do this again!

Joan D'Souza, Parent

My P5 boy likes Sunday Spars as it is so different from school. He learnt to organise his thoughts within a short time and present his argument fluidly. The coaches are very interesting and friendly that it makes debating so fun and engaging. Thumbs up!

Anne Ong, Parent

“I feel RedDot Academy’s coaching is a significant way towards learning the skill of intellectual discourse. The coaches were amazing – the kids and young adults could relate well to them and they engaged the participants throughout- not an easy feat!”

Dr. Yim Poh Yin, Parent

“RedDot Academy, for a new organisation is incredibly polished and meticulous in their planning and work. The staff and trainers surprised me with their dedication and professionalism…”

Andrea D’Souza, Participant
Singapore American School

“Few children have the chance to debate in school. I am glad to know that RedDot Academy offer the opportunity for children to develop these important skills. I am also impressed by RedDot Academy’s highly qualified coaches. I wish more children will benefit from their programmes.”


“RedDot Academy provided a stimulating and engaging debate workshop and ensured a safe space for individuals to speak out. They were attentive to each participant and were still able to engage everyone in the workshop. I strongly recommend this experience to anyone and all who wish to improve their speaking skills.”


“It was a fantastic experience. All the coaches were great and having the opportunity to watch WSDC rounds was a once in a lifetime learning experience… we learnt a lot of new skills such as how to strengthen our characterisations and build a consistent case.’’

Mateus, Participant
Singapore American School

“RedDot Academy was extremely successful in engaging many experienced coaches to explain and engage debaters with a variety of motions. I learnt a lot during this whole Bali trip! It was an experience that I would never regret.”

Why Debate?
Because we believe it empowers individuals to become better versions of themselves.


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