Our Programmes
Our programmes are designed to help anyone pick up and experience the benefits of debate
For Students
Senior Young Debater

A two day workshop to enable students to acquire critical & logical reasoning skills and engage in deeper discourse on current affairs. Recommended for students keen on recreational and competitive debate.

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Junior Young Debater

A two day holiday workshop which enables students to learn the fundamentals of logical reasoning & teamwork through the medium of debate.

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The Point-of-View Series

A foundation building programme for students to gain clarity of thought and speech by acquiring and applying key skills in debate.

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For Debaters
Intro to Debate

Weekend masterclasses and holiday workshops for students with no/ minimal debate experience who would like to experience debate in a non-competitive setting.

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Global Debate Experience

Travel to, watch and learn from world-class debaters at international tournaments such as the Worlds Schools Debating Championships (WSDC).

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Tournament Training Squads

Train as a team with an experienced coach and compete in an open debate tournament.

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Performance Training

Skill/ topic-based module training for competitive debaters who want to improve their in-competition performance.

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For Schools
Custom Programmes

Training workshops and courses designed for schools to address specific objectives and needs

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