Custom programmes

We offer a variety of courses including:

  • Introduction to argumentation & persuasion
  • Masterclasses for competitive debate
  • Emcee & oratory club training etc.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Critical thinking & persuasive speaking

This summer, we were privileged to partner with the Singapore American School (SAS) Debate Club, to organise a Summer Learning programme for middle school students to acquire a core set of critical thinking and persuasive speaking skills. Participants were part of a week-long programme where they were engaged in mini-lectures, structured activities and exercises. Even though most of them did not have prior public speaking or debate experience, they were able to deliver individual speeches between 5-6 minutes in length by the end of the week! Participants also took home camp booklets and debate cases discussed during the camp to help them with post-camp self-learning.

Check out the programme here!


Intro to competitive debate

We partnered with Tenby Schools (Penang) to organise the ‘Penang Debate Excellence workshop’ where participants were taught the fundamentals of competitive debate: from with how to read and interpret a debate motion and set up a case, to construct arguments and rebuttals and engage in mini impromptu debates. Participants also learnt about how debate skills acquired in the classroom can be applied in the real-world. The Penang Debate Excellence workshop was a joint-partnership between RedDot Academy and Tenby Schools (Penang) and was headed by Samuel Myat San and Stephanie Yap.

Check out the workshop here!


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